•  Wireless charging

    E-bikes are recharged via energy transfer unit automatically in wireless and contactless way.

  •  Automatic locking and unlocking

    E-bike will be unlocked or locked automatically when users rent or return E-bike from a station

  •  Safe voltage

    The working voltage is 48V, no hidden danger.

  •  Contactless charging with long life span

    There is no physical contact between station and E-bikes. It is free from maintenance.

  •  IP67 water proof grade

    The charging station is designed in IP67 water proof grade. No electricity leakage risk.

  •  Modular installation; no excavation and trenching work

    The charging station is fixed on a stainless plate, which can be easily installed on the ground within 2 hours.

  •  Hardened aluminum body with 10 years anti-corrosion

    The main body is made of hardened aluminum materials. Its surface is anodized.

  •  Contactless and free from maintenance
  •  Safe voltage 48V power supply
  •  Charging automatically while bikes are docked
  •  Automatic locking when docking a bike; automatic unlocking when using a bike
  •  Made of stainless steel
  •  Working well from -30ºC to 80ºC
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  •  Quick installation; water-proof connectors
  •  Modular installation; No excavation or trenching work
  •  If for temporary purpose, stainless bottom plate could ensure the stability of the station. No screws are needed.