PAS E-bikes are charged in contactless, wireless way via energy transfer unit. Charging Stations collect the working status of controller, BMS, motor automatically and sending to software of time-sharing management through GPRS. The power of E-bikes will be on automatically when they are moved by users. The design, no key and no button, re-duces the rate of damages.
  •  Bike faults report automatically

    The information of faulty bike components will be sent to management software automatical-ly. It can help administrators to find bike problem in time and guarantee the rate of bikes in running.

  •  Wireless charging automatically

    E-bikes will be recharged via energy transfer unit in wireless way.

  •  Automatic power on

    Bike system power will be on automatically when user starts to move a bike. No need physi-cal key or button.

  •  GPS location

    The position of each bike can be located on the map of management software.

  •  GPS lock allows bike parking in any places.

    User could lock his bike at any places temporally. It can be unlocked via mobile App, Blue-tooth and RFID card.

  •  Automatic PAS level

    E-bike could “read” riding speed. It can level up or down according to current speed.