The main atheistic issue with e-bikes is that they require an ever increasing number of parts to be placed on the handlebars, which looks terrible and causes complications during operation.

For a simpler and more enjoyable riding experience we have integrated all the electronic functions and controls with the handlebars. The goal is for Just One to be universally compatible with all standard bikes, to meet the needs of many customers. Through the clever use of LEDs and masking, Just One has the appearance of a FVD display.

The integrated design of the handlebars and stem make it easy to assemble and disassemble along with a cleaner visual finish by decreasing the number of required parts.

Simple external structure, reliable electronics, highly compatible with standard parts, precise marketing targets and excellent waterproofing.

  • Model
    Just One with Zoom handlebar
  • Size
  • Function
    PAS level;Speed;Trip/ODO;Headlight;Walk;Mile/KM/Error Alarm/USB charging port
  • Communication
    UART Default / CAN
  • Holder
  • Voltage
  • Certificate