Nokee is simple yet elegant, delicate yet robust. It has been ruggedised thanks to the use of frosted aviation grade aluminium and toughened glass, creating one of the largest yet thinnest LCD displays on the market. With a form reminiscent of a luxury sports car, Nokee lends an air of sophistication that is unmatched today which makes it ideal for the European market.
With a Mohs hardness of 7, the toughened glass screen is highly robust and scratch resistant. The shell is constructed out of aviation grade aluminium to provide optimum rigidity and oxidation resistance. Nokee is the first King-Meter display to be equipped with an electroluminescent backlight which allows the Nokee to be so thin, at only 6mm thick. Thanks to the use of a patented technology, the display can be safely used at night without the user.
  • Installation Clamped to the handlebar vertically
  • Display colour Inverted from what is shown.
  • Wiring/Connectors Two IP65 water resistant connectors
  • Display Content

    Current speed/Maximum speed/Average speed

    Trip time/Trip distance/ODO

    km/h / mph

    PAS/Battery/Headlight/Error/Walk modeScreen Screen

  • Screen Material 1mm thick toughened glass
  • Shell Material Frosted aluminium
  • Colour Black/Grey
  • Model
    Nokee / Nokee - U
  • Size
    81.6mm ×49.2mm ×6mm / 96.7mm ×62.8mm×29mm
  • Function
    PAS level; Speed; Trip / ODO; Headlight; Walk; Mile / KM / Error Alarm
  • Communication
    UART Default; CAN / LIN / CAN
  • Holder
    22.2mm; 25.4mm; 31.8mm
  • Voltage
    24V / 36V / 48V
  • Certificate
    CE / ROHS / IP65