When installed on the left side of the crank axel and rotated forward, it will produce a 24 pulse signal over one rotation. If it is rotated backwards no signal will be outputted.
All existing PAS sensors are either two part or have considerable thickness, which limits their application. Frequently they are unable to determine the direction of rotation which can cause problems when backpedalling or back braking. With this design we adopt a one part solution which is approximately half the thickness of previous models while having double the pulse count and directional sensing for enhanced accuracy and precision.


To decrease the sensor thickness to a point where it may be installed on most e-bikes. It must also be able to determine rotational direction and provide a high signal resolution.

Thin cross sectional area, high resolution signal, directional sensing.
Previous models such as the T246 and T281 were almost twice the thickness which hindered installation on many bikes. The signal resolution was also half that of the Mini-Sensor II.
Can be installed to more models of e-bikes, extremely high signal resolution, directional sensing.
  • Model
    Mini Sensor II
  • Size
  • Function
    Pedal assist 24 signal
  • Diameter
  • Voltage
  • Certificate
    CE / ROHS / IP65