E-DOCTOR is used for system parameter modification, fault diagnosis and firmware updates of E-bike system.
DISP-PRO is a programming tool for King-Meter displays. Powered and operated via USB, connected to a PC, it is compatible with all King-meter displays. Drivers and software is available for downloading.
Double battery convertor
Battery A is default, when A is in low power, switch to Battery B automatically. The KM849 allows for the simultaneous use of two batteries. It can be used on 24V or 36V system. The working principle is as the first battery drains and approaches its low voltage condition. The KM849 will automatically switch to the second battery, effectively doubling the ride distance. There are 3 groups of lines for the KM849: Battery “A” input line, Battery “B” input line and Output which connects the batteries to the rest of the e-bike. Note: the line sequence can be customized.
The U-cable has been developed by KING-METER to enable charging of phones and other portable electronics equipped with a USB port. It is placed on the line between the display and controller, via water proof connectors, and comes with a clip so it may be fixed to other cables nearby for a cleaner appearance.